Anticipating Your Needs

Corporate and Independent School culinary service programs are unique in the culinary industry. The challenge? To deliver an extraordinary experience to a “captive” audience day in and day out. For today’s sophisticated diners, that means anticipating food trends, providing healthy choices and delivering tremendous variety.

But the challenge does not stop there. At Brock we have two customers: daily diners, of course, and you, the client—a key member of management who has been tasked to choose a culinary service. When it comes to dining on your corporate or school campus, you are the one in the front line. Brock provides you with carefree and enjoyable dining. Here are the reasons why:

  • Brock is a privately held, third-generation family business. We are an employer of choice for many reasons not the least of which is that we have actively avoided the instability of mergers and acquisitions, choosing instead to grow organically under the watchful eye of ownership.
  • We have fine-tuned our core competency: hiring great people and retaining the most dedicated chefs, district managers and associates.
  • Superior service is deeply woven into our corporate culture.
  • You will see your district manager on site more often than most other culinary service companies in the business. That person will be deeply experienced and highly capable.
  • Your chef and on-site culinary team will become members of your community. They will anticipate your needs to deliver a superior culinary experience every day.

That’s what you get when you engage Brock. We leave nothing to chance. Why should you?


How may we serve you?

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