Steeped in Experience

I am proud to follow my grandfather and father as the president of our innovative, family-owned company. We take you and your dining needs most seriously. We have built an extraordinary team who is passionate about great food and superior service. We are a family business—and that makes us different. This company shares my family name and with it the core values of personal responsibility and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. It is a legacy that I am proud to continue and one that in this increasingly impersonal world makes working with Brock a truly satisfying experience for our clients.

As a family business, we are a sought-after employer. Together, my family, our management, chefs and associates make up a loyal and committed organization. Actively avoiding the instability of mergers and acquisitions, growing organically at a strong and steady pace, and going the extra mile for our customers it’s a meaningful difference that impacts every facet of what we do.

For over 90 years, our clients have enjoyed working with a company that is both personal and powerful. We deliver customized programs and unsurpassed service while having significant resources to deliver flexibility and scalability fulfilling your most demanding needs.

My father and grandfather before me proved it is possible to have the best of all worlds—great dining, great service and great management all under the watchful eyes of the principal. My commitment to you is nothing less and so much more.

Andrew Brock
President & CEO

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